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The Revolution is in Progress

Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat and started a scientific revolution.
A film by John Feldman
In development

There is a revolution happening in science, right now. Yet most people are unaware of it. “Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat and started a scientific revolution.” is about this revolution and how it affects our daily lives. One of the revolutionaries, and the star of this film, is Lynn Margulis, a courageous evolutionist and geoscientist who died unexpectedly of a stroke in November of 2011. A lively, personable, and down-to-earth scientist, her pioneering ideas cast doubt on accepted scientific “dogma,” and she had to triumph over ridicule, scorn, and chauvinism. The feature length documentary consists of five interconnected stories which address common misconceptions about science, evolution, the role of the genome, and the environment. Each is told by Margulis and her colleagues – other ground-breaking scientists.

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John Feldman

John Feldman is a highly original and critically acclaimed writer and filmmaker. His works cover a wide range of genres, including independent dramatic feature films, documentaries, educational films and films for business. Since making his first film in 1968, Mr. Feldman has cultivated his skills as a writer, cinematographer, director, and editor. His goal is to continually develop his craft so that he can “write with pictures and sounds” fluidly, passionately and honestly.

"EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution ought to be available in every science classroom in the U.S."
- Peter Matthiessen

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