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Japan and Americas Intercultural Children

September 2, 1945 the instrument of surrender is signed ending the war in the Pacific against Japan. Under the reign of General Douglas MacArthur, Japan entered its first period of occupation. Despite orders forbidding it, fraternization between United States soldiers and Japanese women resulted in a number of children being born in and out of wedlock. Some of the children were fortunate enough to leave Japan, to avoid living with a stigma, but many stayed and some were abandoned by both father and mother. What has become of these children? Since the end of the war, Japan itself has risen from the ashes to become an economic giant and, in contrast, many American women have intermarried with Japanese men producing a new generation of intercultural children who are growing up in both America and in Japan. What is life like for them in Japan? In America? What about the generation of interculturals who can trace their roots back to the turn of the century and even before--where are they today?

This 85 minute film, narrated by Joe Morton with an original orchestration by Yosuke Yamashita is the first in depth look at the lives of the intercultural children of Japanese and Americans from inside America as well as inside Japan. In the years since the end of World War II, what has changed and what remains the same? This film is an excellent teaching tool for schools, businesses and internationally focused organizations. An ideal program for any audience seeking to understand the social and cultural experiences of intercultural people in the United States and in Japan. It is appropriate for Asian Studies, Anthropology, Ethnology, American Studies, African-American Studies, History, Psychology, Multicultural and Cross-cultural Curricula, and International Affairs. An important human resource tool for Japanese and American companies interfacing with a mulitcultural workforce.

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A 58 minute English version and an 83 minute Japanese version are also available with Japanese subtitles and narration by Jon Kabira.

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