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The African American Experience in Japan

From the remarks of prominent politicians to sambo dolls and "darkie" toothpaste, the perception of most Americans is that the Japanese view African Americans and other ethnic minorities as inferior. These negative perceptions have led to anger and frustration among African Americans in the US. Ironically, despite the perception, some African Americans have made Japan their home and profess to find Japanese culture overall more tolerant than American culture. How can they find a home in Japan? What is it about Japanese culture that can generate such enthusiasm and passion? What are the internal conflicts African Americans must experience living in Japan?

Independent film and television Producer, Regge Life is proud to present STRUGGLE AND SUCCESS: The African American Experience in Japan. Narrated by Ossie Davis with music by Paul Jackson of the Herbie Hancock group, the 85 minute program examines the complex lives of African Americans living in Japan. The program features African Americans from all walks of life in Japan. Andre De Cordova, originally from California has developed an energetic method to teach young children English. Bill Whitaker, network correspondent, relates a heart felt story of how Japan affected his children. Others include Glenn Boggs, the only African American working for a Japanese securities company, Panzellia Leslie, a fashion designer from Fukuoka, Rodney Johnson, a former break dancer turned Osaka businessman and Lance Lee, formerly stationed in Japan with the Air Force, who returned to set up a successful fitness company. STRUGGLE AND SUCCESS is an excellent teaching tool for schools, businesses and internationally focused organizations. An ideal tool for any audience seeking to understand the social and cultural dynamics of contemporary Japan. Appropriate for Asian Studies, Anthropology, American Studies, African American Studies, and Multi-Cultural curricula and International Affairs. The film is an important human resource tool for Japanese companies interfacing with America's multicultural workforce and for those with African American employees in Japan.

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